Summer Fruit Appetizers

People normally have or attend one party in summer every week and that means on a weekly basis people are cooking for at least ten people and it isn't ordinary cooking. With summer; finger foods and anything that's small and easy to eat are mostly the only things that are made for guests. Strawberry pies are one popular dish and strawberries themselves are one of the most popular summer fruits.

The great thing about fruit is that if you know how to serve it, it can work for just about every kind of party you have. Most people avoid serving fruit because they think it means putting a huge watermelon in front of everyone complete with a huge knife. What few people know is that there are really elegant ways to serve fruit. You can pre-cut the fruit in to bite size pieces and serve it or you can serve chocolate covered fruit.

A lot of people like cream and strawberries but you can serve other fruit in unique ways. Offer guests chocolate strawberries. There are lots of other fruits that you buy dipped in chocolate like pineapples and bananas. They can be dipped in either dark chocolate or white chocolate or both.

Another elegant way to serve fruit is to find a decorative platter and arrange the different pieces on it. There's a huge variety of chocolate covered fruit available and you can mix it to make your platter look unique. If you're not the party hosting type, it's still a great gift to give the hostess of any party you go to.

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